Want To Make Their Electric Car Electric Power, These 9 Points Must Be Noted!

- May 08, 2017-

Bad habits will accelerate the loss of the battery, in order to extend the battery life, you need to pay attention to the following:

01 do not often use when there is no electricity when charging. The idea that the power is completely released and then charged is not correct, the greater the discharge depth, the more the number of electric vehicles, the shorter battery life.

02 electric vehicles need to observe the remaining capacity of each battery before traveling, estimated mileage, do not exceed mileage and excessive discharge. The depth of each discharge shall not exceed 80% of the battery capacity. That is, when the remaining power meter for 1-2 grid, the best charge for electric vehicles.

03 high temperature environment, to prevent overcharge battery. High temperature environment, charging reaction speed, so try not to charge in the direct sunlight and other high temperature environment.

04 slow speed when driving, reduce the impact of large current on the battery, controller and motor. The driver must know how to cherish the battery, not started amble hard switch, climbing the best when low speed, it can effectively prolong the battery life.

05 to use the original charger charging. Does not meet the battery charging characteristics of the charger, the battery is equal to the chronic poison". Does not match the charger will cause the battery to charge the mobile power supply heat, so the emergence of hot fever. It is recommended not to use other brands of chargers, only the original car comes with or from the vehicle manufacturers to buy the regular brand charger products.

06 rainy days driving electric cars or parked in the open air environment, the electric car for a long time in the rain easy to water, causing the motor and controller failure, increase the working current, reduce battery life.

07 pay attention to check the tire pressure, the summer may be appropriate to lower some other seasons can be higher. Normal tire pressure, driving resistance will be reduced, more conducive to saving electricity, reducing the frequency of charging to extend battery life.

08 electric cars do not idle time is too long, do not use for a long time will lead to battery sulfation, battery capacity greatly reduced. Response: interval 1-2 months to charge the battery once, to avoid damage caused by battery damage.

09 electric vehicles should be regularly to the store for maintenance and inspection, maintenance personnel to check the battery terminal connection status and the whole car insulation, to prevent additional power loss.