Trip To Chinese Association For Wheelchair Industry & Sharing Lecture From David Wang

- Sep 14, 2017-

Trip to Chinese Association for Wheelchair Industry


Sharing Lecture from David Wang



On 7th September, we had a trip to Jinhua, Zhejiang to take part in the third session of the third Chinese Association for Wheelchair Industry meeting. This is a precious opportunity to communicate with peers about the latest technology and information about wheelchair. Wheelchair, as part of the medical devices is certainly regulated with a more strict and higher standard than other industry. Sweetrich, after accumulating 6 years’ experience of producing wheelchairs has been one of the leading manufacturers of wheelchairs in china. Our company is bound to take more responsibility for the development and advancement of the industry and at the same time, to benefit the vulnerable groups which includes the handicapped and the elderly with optimum products to compensate their disability. Moreover, we will also make contributions in accelerating the transformation and structure optimization of the whole wheelchair industry, boosting new materials, new technologies, new techniques and new ideas.


This week, David Wang, an experienced sales director from Taiwan share with us his sales experience and tell us some tips about how to improve work efficiency. Also, he also solved problems we have met in the process of sale. He gave us many useful suggestions and invigorated all the staff.

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