The History Of Wheelchairs

- Aug 17, 2017-

The earliest records of wheelchair history, one is in the period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties (AD 525Year) on the sarcophagus, the sarcophagus carved with wheels of the chair; the other is in the ancient Greek vase to describe a similar thing, almost the same age with China.


Europe's first official record of wheelchairs is the medieval wheelbarrow, which requires others to drive, closer to contemporary nursing wheelchairs. AD 16th century, the Renaissance, the Spanish King Philip II because of suffering from the wind, ordered the craftsmen to produce a wheelchair, this wheelchair made of wood, very cumbersome, but for the disable’s travel, is already Very good tool.

nursing wheelchairs.jpg

In Europe, Japan, some of the early paintings, you can see the appearance of a wooden wheelchair, looks like a cart, the wheels are very small, then people probably did not think of "manual wheelchair" at this time, the wheel is only to be pushed when it could be slide.

About the 18th century, the world appeared near the modern design of the wheelchair, by the two large wooden front wheels and behind a single ferry, the middle with a chair with a handrail.

In 1914, after the outbreak of the First World War, after the First World War, the United States provided wheelchairs for the victims, but it is about 50 pounds. The United Kingdom is the development of hand-cranked three wheelchairs, and soon after the power drive with the device.

The modern sense of the wheelchair in 1932, the American Hebert (Hebert Everest) because of mine damage to the back, and lead to paralysis, he and his friend Harry (Harry Jennings) invented the first modern foldable wheelchair.

After World War II, in order to help the wartime veteran’s travel, Canadian inventor George Klein (George Klein) and his team of engineers invented the first electric wheelchair. 

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In 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games, the "disabled Olympic" the term comes at first time. At the same time, at this time the Paralympic Games, wheelchair racing for the first time to become a match project, male and female players can participate in 60 meters racing.

In 1975, Bob Hall became the first person to finish a marathon in a wheelchair.

marathon in a wheelchair.jpg

From ancient times to the present, the wheelchair from the initial "let the disabled with the help of others out of the house" to "disabled people can go out of their own house", and then can be raised, climbing, across the grass, Technology wheelchair, wheelchair from a tool to make up for human limb dysfunction, to achieve the ability to improve and transcend human action.