Sweetrich Exhibition Trip

- Jul 31, 2017-

    If you are thinking to find a factory to do mobility scooter or power wheelchair OEM, Sweetrich vehicle industry factory is a good choice. Here not only provides various kind of scooters, such as small-size, middle-size and big-size scooters, two-wheel, three-wheel, four-wheel scooters, but also many different kinds of power wheelchairs. There must be one fit for your needs. Every year Sweetrich catches every chances to show high-quality scooters and power wheelchairs to customers, especially attend many exhibitions at home and abroad. Now let's find out how many exhibitions that Sweetrich has attended and which exhibition will attend recently.


    At the beginning of 2017, Sweetrich carried its stunning products to attend UK Naidex exhibition. Many customers had been attracted by its high quality products. To Sweetrich, it is a great Chance to meet customers face to face. Now let's see some beautiful moment at the exhibitions.



    Next, Sweetrich continues its Exhibition trip from UK to China Guangzhou to attend 2017 Phase 1 Spring Canton Fair. This time its booth was located in motorcycle area. Buyers from all over the world came to the booth to find Chance to cooperate.


    Then, Sweetrich attended 2017 Phase 3 Spring Canton Fair. This time focus on medical devices, so you could see many power wheelchairs on the exhibition.


    Finally, Sweetrich attended 2017 Shanghai CMEF exhibition. Shanghai is very near Sweetrich factory, so many interested buyers came to the factory to have a visit.


    Sweetrich never stops steps to show its beautiful products to the world. You will see them at REHACARE Exhibition in Germany on October.


    If you don't meet them at the first half part of this year, then let's meet at Germany on October. Booth number will revel recently, pls keep attention on us.