Maintenance And Maintenance Of Electric Wheelchair Is Very Important

- May 08, 2017-

Maintenance and maintenance of electric wheelchair is very important

1, must first fully understand the equipment, how to use all the function of the button, not to buy things, the key moment can not be applied flexibly, especially how to start and how to quickly stop, when unexpected things can play a key role.

2, keep the body clean in the dry and ventilated place, prevent parts rust.

3, before the use of wheelchairs and within a month, should check whether the bolts loose, if loose, to tighten in time. Normal use, every three months for a check to ensure that all parts are good, check all kinds of rigid nuts on the wheelchair (especially the rear axle of the fixed nut), if found loose, need to adjust, tighten.

4, please check the use of tires regularly, timely maintenance of rotating parts, regularly add a small amount of lubricating oil.

5, sometimes go out inevitably stained with mud, or by the rain, pay attention to timely cleaning and wiping dirt, and coated with anti rust wax, the rain is too acidic, if not promptly clean up the dirt and is easy to wheelchair rust, at least from the visual effect of the beautiful.

6, tire to maintain adequate pressure, can not contact with oil, acid, to prevent deterioration.

7, the wheelchair seat connection bolts loose connection, is strictly prohibited.

8, for electric wheelchairs to develop the habit that is filled with battery power to maintain full. Prohibit the loss of electricity storage; such as a long time without using an electric wheelchair, loss of power storage will seriously affect the service life, and the longer the idle time, the more serious the battery damage. Idle electric wheelchair to develop the habit of regular charging. The battery is in a state of "full"". And avoid the rain.

9, regular inspection activities, the flexibility of rotating structure, and lubricant. If for some reason, the need to remove the wheel of the electric wheelchair wheel, the re installation should ensure that the nut is tightened, not loose.

10, the wheelchair seat connection bolts loose connection, is strictly prohibited.