How To Save An Electric Car

- May 08, 2017-

Electric cars have enough power to maintain the best mileage, how to ride the electric car is the most energy it? Control weight overload is the current situation of electric vehicles are often encountered, the greater the weight of electric vehicles, the more power consumption, it is necessary to make the electric car load within a reasonable range, do not overload, increase the burden. Avoid running stop when riding electric cars should not be forced to stop, short time large frequency stimulation, will increase the capacity of battery and increase the discharge efficiency. Therefore, in the daily running, do not stop running. To maintain a uniform speed driving in the road and traffic conditions permit, the vehicle should maintain a stable driving speed. In the ride, if you need to accelerate, you should slow the speed of the rotation of the hand, to avoid direct acceleration to the fastest file. Cycling should try to avoid frequent braking, start. This extends battery and motor life. Less bumpy road surface is too bumpy, the battery will be caused by the impact of the current discharge damage, reduce the capacity of the battery, the impact of the continued mileage and service life, but also may cause serious damage to parts. It is strictly forbidden to lose electricity storage battery is in the state of losing electricity. Battery often "loss of electricity", prone to sulfation, lead sulfate crystals attached to the plate, causing the battery plate injury. The longer the idle state, the heavier the battery damage. Correctly grasp the charging time accurately grasp the charging time, in general, the average battery charging time in about 8 hours. Over charge or lack of charge will lead to battery heat, water loss and other phenomena, reduce battery life. Therefore, it should be reasonable to avoid harmful charging.