How To Buy A New Electric Car For The First Time And How To Pay Attention To Matters

- May 08, 2017-

New electric car to buy a new phone to buy the same, there are charging considerations, but now the phone is different from before, because the phone battery has been upgraded. So what should pay attention to the new electric car charging it, when charging it, how long it is good to charge? Summary of the following information for your reference.

1, the first charge before the electric car to run out of electricity, but can not be exhausted. When the new electric car to buy electricity will not be too full, but it will not be too small, unless the old battery or poor battery. We are in use, it should be based on estimates of the business, estimated to be able to run the distance, so as not to use electricity or electricity. When the battery power has been displayed to the last grid, it is necessary to consider not to ride, to prepare for charging.

2, the first charge should be charged during the day. As we all know, for the first time when charging the battery should be full, but full does not mean excessive charge, easy to control the charging time of charging during the day, not to let the battery for the first time over charge and discharge, so it is easy for the first chemical reaction inside the normal battery.

3, the first charge on the charging time, because the battery car battery is not used when the factory has not experienced charging and discharging, to ensure the normal operation of the battery. Under normal circumstances, about the charging time can be mastered in 5-6 hours, so that the battery is full of electricity can be,

After the use of a little charge can be a little longer. As mentioned above, daytime charging can be mastered.

After 4, the first charge, although is not the first charge, but the second is the new charge, at this time you can let the car battery power is running out, and then charge for a long time, the charge can maintain 8-9 or even 10 hours, in order to let the car battery for a chemical reaction a complete cycle, this is the electric car business told me.

5, for the first time the car battery charging, the charger can heat quickly, heat is very high, therefore, especially in summer when charging, the charger is not put in the above easy heat burning objects, had better not put in the car battery transposon, fire prevention, because there are many people in the car battery ignition charge. Please be careful.

6, matters needing attention

When charging, plug the plug should be inserted in the electric car, and then turn on the power supply, which is a good way to protect the battery voltage stability.