Electric Car Maintenance Skills

- May 08, 2017-

Battery maintenance 1, avoid high temperature exposure. The electric car directly in the sun exposure, the probability of battery scrap is very high, and even the phenomenon of high temperature electric car battery fire. 2, avoid high temperature charging. The hot weather, plus charging when the heat generated will cause the battery surface temperature is very high, the hot cell protective shell surface, and even the fire, so when charging, charging in a cool place to. 3, do not charge immediately after driving. Electric vehicles in the high temperature after the temperature is very high, if the direct charge will cause the battery temperature continues to rise, even more than the critical point, the ultimate spontaneous combustion. 4, the use of adapter. Electric vehicle batteries have a certain degree of matching, different battery, charger matching different, mixed use, it is easy to cause short circuit or charging is not enough.

5, avoid loss of electricity storage. The longer the idle state, the more serious the battery damage. When the battery is unused, it should be charged once a month, which can prolong the service life of the battery. 6, regular inspection. In the course of the use, the sudden emergence of battery life mileage plummeted, it is likely that the battery pack battery problems. At this point, should be promptly to the professional battery repair agencies for inspection, repair or distribution.

7, do not discharge current. Electric bicycle in the beginning, manned, uphill, it is best to use pedal power, as far as possible to avoid large current discharge. 8, reasonable charge. When the battery is fully charged with 60%~70%, the charging time is about 8~10 hours. The idea that the power is completely released and charged is incorrect. The greater the discharge depth, the shorter the service life of the battery. 9, avoid charging plug heating. 220 volt power plug or charger output plug loose, contact surface oxidation and other phenomena will lead to plug heating, heating time is too long will lead to short circuit or poor contact, damage to the charger and battery. 10, battery installed on the electric bicycle to be firm. When the battery is charged, the installation, the battery installed on the electric bicycle to be strong, in order to prevent battery damage by vibration when riding. The battery in the handling, prohibit throw, roll, weight.

Electrical maintenance Article 11, whether it is a brush motor or brushless motor, in the course of the operation will produce a certain mechanical noise (brush) or electromagnetic resonance (brushless), which are normal. However, if the brushless motor in the operation of the process of "slightly, slightly" abnormal vibration and noise should be promptly shut down the power lock and maintenance. 12, when the electric bicycle back movement, the rear wheels feel heavier, which is a normal phenomenon. When the electric vehicle is moving forward when the resistance is very large, first of all to disconnect the motor power supply (can eliminate the forward resistance), and then timely maintenance. 13, rainy days when traveling in the stagnant water, the depth of water can not be more than the lower edge of the electric wheel hub, to avoid the motor due to leakage caused by motor failure. All circuits and electrical connection 14, electric motor is composed of professional design and production, the user may not be modified, otherwise prone to accidents (including fire, traffic accidents and other serious consequences). 15, in the use of the process, pay attention to check the motor and the rear fork of the fastening state, if the nut is loose phenomenon, timely tightening or go to the store after the inspection. 16, found that motor burns (more than 90 degrees Celsius), smoke, smell, abnormal sound or other abnormalities, should immediately stop running, sent to the store processing, do not disassemble the motor. 17, should avoid the vehicle overload, tire pressure is insufficient or in the long, steep slope, otherwise the motor has the risk of burning. 18, electric wheels should not be subject to fierce impact, electric cars should not be forced to start in the blocked state. When the electric vehicle can not be started because of obstruction, do not start again, should be excluded in the cause of the motor vehicle to stop the motor. 19, for the chain motor is often remember to add oil to the chain, so that not only can reduce the transmission parts wear and tear, extend its life, but also reduce transmission noise.

Electrical control, braking system maintenance 20, the electric bicycle front axle, axle, flywheel, chain and other transmission parts for regular inspection, cleaning and lubrication, to prevent the use of rust or killed due to normal use. General motors do not have to scrub and lubrication, but in the event of abnormal conditions to the maintenance point of maintenance. 21, to regularly check the brakes before and after the brake is effective, especially after the brake left brake, if the power failure is likely to damage the controller in the use of the process. 22, when the car is not parked in the sun exposure, but also do not rain for a long time, to avoid the damage caused by the internal parts of the controller failure. 23, the speed of the switch when the use of light control, no need to force rotation, the 1:1 power brush model is best to use cruise speed switch. 24, rainy ride, should try to avoid the switch and the electric connector plug wet, prevent leakage, short circuit. 25, exposed to the outside of the contacts (including the triangular socket) is charged, it is strictly prohibited to contact with the hand or metal.