Accessible Toilet

- Nov 01, 2017-

                         Accessible Toilet

                                            —— to be Both Functional and Fashionable

Nowadays, aesthetics has become one of the key elements to drive the toilet sector, just as most other product segments. An accessible toilet is a special toilet designed to accommodate people with physical disabilities.


Public toilets and restrooms can present accessibility challenges for people with disabilities, for example those in wheelchairs. Stalls may not be able to fit a wheelchair, and transferring between the wheelchair and the toilet seat may pose a challenge. Accessible toilets are designed to address these issues by providing more space and bars for users to grab and hold during transfers.


Toilets in private homes are often modified to increase accessibility for residents. These modifications are often suggested by an Occupational Therapist. Common modifications include: adding a raised toilet seat, attaching a versa frame, and ensuring the toilet paper is within reach and can be detached with one hand. These modifications can enable aging in place for seniors who wish to remain in their homes and communities.


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