Mobility Scooter Cart

Mobility Scooter Cart

All surrounding design to spare privacy for you and protect you from bad weather
Stylish and classical appearance

Product Details

Features & Description

                                  of SW1800

  • Look like a mini-bus, petite, and adorable, stylish sw1800 will be your best friend! All-surrounding design allows you more private space;

  • Full suspension and strong bumpers bring you great sense of security; the sliding swivel seat of flexibility can satisfy users of different needs appropriately;

  • Accessible handrails design makes it more convenient when get on or get off the cool scooter. Moreover, trunk equipped behind can provide enough carrying space for customers, and the design of side sliding doors on both sides makes it shiny and sparkly;

  •  In the darkness, LED displays can illuminate your way; in the rain, windscreen wipers can clean your view ahead. Diverse colors of different style are available.