What is suitable for people who use the walker

- May 08, 2017-

Now we can see in the street walkers, then use a lot of elderly people, Walker except the old people are also suitable for which people use? Walker for lower limb dysfunction is more serious and not with the walking stick, its main function is to support the weight, keep the body stable, standing and walking; lower extremity muscle strength in patients with poor or elderly; also for upper limb muscle strength difference, unilateral or whole filed walker is difficult; for hemiplegia, paraplegia, amputation or other lower extremity muscle weakness cannot support weight patients, need to use walkers, walkers, and can help the user to maintain a balance: such as non central disorders of the lower limb weakness, spasticity, poor protrusive movement of the center of gravity cannot balance disorder; at the same time also allows the user to increase muscle strength: often use a cane, crutch, by In order to support the body, therefore, the upper limb extensor muscle strength. For the first time the use of walking aids patients, should be used before the inspection of the walker fasteners are solid, to ensure that no loose defects. The body should not be too forward to fall. Do not use slope road. After use, should be placed in a dry environment to prevent sun exposure and rain soaked.