Walker to walk more stable

- May 08, 2017-

It is necessary to choose a walking aid for the elderly who have difficulty in walking and have difficulty in keeping balance or fall easily. The utility model relates to a common walking aid device, which comprises two wheels and four wheels.

If you need a walker to support weight, it is best to choose two wheeled walker. Relatively good balance of the elderly, you can choose the four wheeled walker. When choosing, should pay attention to the handle and height, otherwise the arms and legs are easily affected.

Most of the handle of the utility model is made of plastic, and the hand is easy to slide if the hand often sweats. Other types of handles, such as foam or flexible gloves, should be selected. But no matter what kind of choice, we must ensure that the handle is safe enough to use, when the hand will not loose.

Adjust the height of the arm to feel comfortable, you must adjust the height of the walker. Pay attention to two points when adjusting height.

1, check elbow bend. Put your hand on the handle, and the angle of the elbow should be comfortable, about 30 degrees.

2, check the wrist height. Relax the two arms, and the top of the walker is flush with the wrist. Adjusting the walking aid can reduce the pressure of the shoulder and back, and reduce the fatigue of the waist and arm.

In addition, according to their own needs, you can also choose to help the line accessories, such as small shopping baskets, small stools, simple bags, etc., in order to facilitate carrying items and go shopping.