TOYOTA research and development of the second generation of electric wheelchair

- May 08, 2017-

Toyota Corporation announced the Segway (Segway) the balance of the car inventor Dean Carmen (Dean Kamen) Company DEKA co founded, with the development of the next generation of IBOT electric wheelchair, hope to be able to help more of the elderly and the disabled. IBOT is Dean DEKA Carmen and his son, independent and strong R & D team (Independence Technology) to cooperate in the development of science and technology, different from the traditional wheelchair, the wheelchair can let the user down stairs, adapt to a variety of terrain slope grassland. Through this cooperation, TOYOTA will get the balance right to use the technology of IBOT, the future can be used in medical rehabilitation and other potential uses, balance technology or even IBOT is likely to apply to the project and the balance of the car on the TOYOTA humanoid robot.