Naen Bo Electric Scooter won the German Red Dot Design Award

- May 08, 2017-

Following the 9, the balance of the car later this year Naen Bo (Changzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. and heavy launch electric scooter. The R & D team Kejiao enterprise Naen Bo Changzhou company involved in the design of a scooter, before Germany won the red dot design award this year, which marks the Changzhou made for the first time to the field of industrial design summit.

In the company's production workshop to see, this year's 4 new electric scooter production line is busy, riding a scooter test shuttle shuttle. Executive vice president Sun Yanqun said that the current electric scooter began to be sought after by young people to work overtime to ensure on-time delivery, is expected to sell 200 thousand units throughout the year.

According to reports, last year the company's R & D team began to participate in the development and design of electric scooters, and in December with the help of millet sales platform to the market.

The German red dot design award dates back to 1955. It was founded by the German Institute of design, is internationally recognized as one of the world's top industrial design awards, and the German iF design award, the United States IDEA award and known as the world's three major design awards.

German red dot award for different types of entries are divided into three parts. The research and design of Naen Bo Changzhou company of electric scooter, get the "red dot design award" gold content in the highest red dot design awards.

The award-winning electric scooter with simple geometric design, full of design beauty. Vehicle net weight of 12.5 kg, a charge can be life of 30 km, the maximum speed of 25 km. The car is equipped with double brakes, rear disc brakes, front wheel motor reverse braking, with E-ABS system, good braking effect. Its unique folding clasp design can be folded quickly in 3 seconds.

Naen Bo focused on short distance traffic product development and production, is a global industry leader, international market share of more than 50%. It is reported that Naen Bo Changzhou company R & D team of more than and 40 people, is currently working on the design of the second generation of electric scooter. The company revealed that the second half of this year, there will be more "Changzhou wisdom" through the millet platform to enter the market.