Europe launched smart walking aid to help the elderly walk

- May 08, 2017-

The European R & D personnel are Walker Friendly Robot Walker on a new high-tech (also called FriWalk) test, Fri Walk not only can help the user to walk independently, but also have the function of facial expression recognition, can more effectively detect the user environment, so as to provide users with cognitive and emotional help. The elderly because of the body decline, decreased muscle strength and other physiological reasons, walking will become gradually slow, so a necessary walker can help the elderly people walk and life, and this smart Walker FriWalk to meet this demand.

[figure] Europe launched intelligent walking aid to help the elderly walk

In providing basic walking assistance for users, and FriWalk can step mood to monitor user use the built-in camera, sensor, there is dangerous ground, obstacles or other user detection around the user, through facial expression recognition, and other functions to record the heart rate recovery process of users provide analysis results, and can act as a personal trainer the corresponding activities, customized according to the user's interest. A variety of functions in one of the FriWalk walker is designed to encourage the elderly to move around, rich social activities.