Electric wheelchair capable of climbing stairs is equipped with rubber track

- May 08, 2017-

Recently, on the 5 from the Swiss Federal Institute of technology in Zurich and the Zurich Institute of the arts students designed an electric wheelchair named Scewo, they designed a beautiful and scientific appearance of this high-tech wheelchair, make it more suitable for life in twenty-first Century. With the excellent quality of wheels and rubber tracks, the Scewo can travel through various obstacles. The user controls the movement of the wheelchair by adjusting the joystick or changing the body. The different setting mode to ensure smooth running in user safe rest, surface smooth, even the steep stairs also be nothing difficult.

In order to raise the user and the standing object in order to maintain a more comfortable eye contact during the conversation. At the same time, its wheels are large enough to cross obstacles. The wheelchair is compact and easy to operate. Automatic balancing technology also allows the wheelchair to keep balance through the road edge will not be stuck.