Electric vehicles into the remote era

- May 08, 2017-

As the country's 200 million people travel options, the popularity of electric vehicles is rising. As users of electric vehicles, they are most concerned about the issue of "mileage" and "appearance". The traditional mileage is nothing more than to start from, to increase the battery specifications in general, the greater the power battery capacity, more durable, more is the pursuit of life, the cell volume is big, inevitably appear small, battery "heavy image", not only beautiful, the battery is completely exposed, too there are some security risks. Songji fourth generation smart lithium car, "life" and "appearance" in how to perfect in the pursuit of mileage, still maintain a safe and beautiful driving experience. The domestic high-end electric car manufacturing enterprises of electric vehicles Dossongui subtly makes another way, this industry problem so that consumers enjoy smoothly done or easily solved, beautiful "and" life "the perfect combo. From the beginning of the third generation lithium bike, fast block type battery Songji technology has been widely recognized by the market, even once the change of people electric consumption concept, "fast block type battery, embedded frame, take place freely, just 3 seconds of time", "whether it is in a building, or outdoor riding, there are the power socket where you can carry the battery charging, charging past the hard times gone for ever. This fast embedded battery technology is the Songji exclusive patent industry is the only one company can do such a large-scale improvement of people use for electric vehicles using innovative technology experience. At the same time, an exclusive development of Songji battery protection shoe seat, by using a battery protection shoe, can reduce friction and turbulence, and the waterproof design, greatly enhance the safety of the lithium battery is used, the electric car industry has a large innovation application across the significance of. The third generation of lithium bike market proves that the design meets the use of electric vehicles to the needs of the population, with a higher pursuit of Songji launched the fourth generation of smart lithium car in 2015 will be "fast development, embedded battery upgrade, let the electric car into the" remote era ", and create excellent riding experience for consumers.